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We saw Securoseal was new to the market and liked the idea so decided to take a closer look.

Securoseal is a tamperproof seal for your luggage when travelling. The product gives you that peace of mind that when you have packed your bags no one else can steal your goods or place any unwanted items that may get you in serious trouble at customs.

The Securoseals arrived and we opened the packet to read the instructions. At first a little confusing, but with a clear mind and not rushing we worked them out. It took about 1 minute after reading the instructions to place the Securoseal strap around our bag and attach the zip lock.

Once you attach the Securoseal you rip off a little receipt that can be stuck to your ticket (I assume). This has a matching number on it to the Securoseal on your bag. That means if anyone removes the securoseal and places a new one on the number will not match. We thought this was a great idea.

You can also write your name easily on the strap for an easy pick up at baggage claim.

When you need to open your bags at the destination you can just tear the plastic tag to release the seal. You then need to twist off the zip lock. The zip lock was a bit hard to work out it at first it says "twist to remove".  What you do is keep twisting the whole tag a number of times until it breaks, very easy.

The Securoseals come in 3 packs sizes; 2 for $19.95 ($9.98 each), 4 for $37.90 ($9.48 each) and 6 at $53.85 ($8.98 each).

Each product is used once then thrown away. The seal fits all sizes of bags. The zip lock means you don't have to worry about padlocks and the problem if you lose the keys.

We liked the product for what it provides the security minded traveller, and after a small amount of time working out the first one the rest were all very quick and easy to put on our luggage. 

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