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New Zealand Travel Information - Why NZ?

Heading to New Zealand? You won't be disappointed, so all you've heard about New Zealand. New Zealand has around 60 million sheep give or take one or two and New Zealanders are pretty good at rugby and most sports. Well funnily enough there's a lot more to it than that. New Zealand is difficult to beat for its beauty and adventure. Imagine a country the size of Great Britain but with only 4 million people.
As well as the cultural and party cities of Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown and Christchurch there are wide expanses of nothing but amazingly diverse countryside from flatlands to snow capped mountains. A smorgasbord of exciting activities awaits both the energetic and relaxed travelling tourist, NZ is the birthplace of the bungy jump.
Imagine hiking on a glacier then travelling a few hours up the West coast via mountains, wind swept remote beaches to arrive in a tropical paradise with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Everything in New Zealand is world class. This is New Zealand.

Kiwis (New Zealanders) are mad on the outdoors and New Zealand is the adrenalin capital of the world. Go from bungy jumping via helicopter to white water rafting and then high-speed jet boating -available with no experience!!! If that's not your cup of tea then how about a thermal spa, Maori culture or hike up a volcano? Travelling New Zealand can be as relaxed or as high paced as you want to make it


Even More Reasons:

  • Due to the difference in exchange rates most things are 2-3 times cheaper in NZ than the UK.
  • Unlike the UK in New Zealand you can ski in the winter and get a great tan in the summer You've seen Lord of the Rings why not go and see the set.
  • Try something crazy like skydiving, bungy jumping, black water rafting -the list is limitless.
  • You won't be alone, every year thousands of like-minded travellers backpack and work their way around New Zealand
  • Because it is a small country compared with travel destinations such as Australia, you'll find it easy and cheap to travel from place to place
  • Within the country there are a variety of transport options for varying budgets and itineraries, many of them based specifically for the backpacking market
  • Working allows you to meet and live with Kiwis and experience even more New Zealand culture
  • New Zealand is a nuclear free zone and is a safe destination for travellers

New Zealand has all the benefits of being a modern democratic country with less of the world problems eg; pollution, over crowding, major amounts of crime and unhappy people.

You will find New Zealanders pretty laid back and the further south you travel the more laid back and friendly. One of the great New Zealand sayings is 'She'll be right' Which means don't worry and it will be all right.

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If travelling internally within New Zealand I would strongly suggest to anyone that they use Air New Zealand. I have travelled on this carrier all my life without incident. A few days ago I booked a flight Auckland - Dunedin - Auckland and chose to go with Jetstar simply because the flight times suited me better. It was a mistake. They have, since I made my booking, changed my flight itinerary not once but twice. I will NEVER USE JET STAR AGAIN for any travel arrangements.

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