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New Zealand Religion

More than half the population of 4 261 000 affiliate with a Christian religion, of which Anglican (584,793 or 17% of people), Catholic (486,012 or 14%) and Presbyterian (417,453 or 11%) are the largest denominations.


The influence of Scottish settlers is reflected in the dominance of Presbyterianism at the bottom of the South Island. 

Mâori Christianity: (denominations not started by Western missions or agencies) Ratana: 48,543

Ringatu: 15,102

Other: 645

The largest non-Christian religions are Buddhist, Hindu, Islam/Muslim, and Spiritualism and New Age religions.

Jedi: 53,715

53,715 - unofficially showing New Zealand has more Jedi Knights than Buddhist, Baptists, Mormons, Hindu and Ratana Christians.

Buddhist: 41,106

Hindu: 39,627

Islam: 23,202

Jewish: 6,516

Other Religions: 18,486

Objected to answering question: 235,212

Many New Zealanaders also said they were of no religion.

According to Statistics New Zealand (Results of 2001 Census) 3,442,020 participated in answering the Religion portion of the 2001 census


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