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Telethon New Zealand

One of the biggest Television events of the 1970's- 1990 were the 24 hour Telethons.

The format of a telethon usually consists of performances by singers, musicians, comedians, or other entertainers interspersed with pitches for donations. Typically the program is staged on a set containing volunteer telephone operators, a stage, a tote board that displays the amount of money raised, a band, and a studio audience.

Telethon was run in New Zealand during the 1970's and 1980's up to 1990 by TVNZ. The fundraiser would take place in regions around New Zealand with coverage being shown on TV1, viewers would be shown coverage of the Telethon nearest their location, however smaller regions would typically see coverage of the Telethon in one of the main centers (Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch or Dunedin). Since Telethon ceased on New Zealand Television some regional stations have operated their own local Telethon.

During the 1988 Telethon Christopher Quinten and Leeza Gibbons fell in love and eventully married .

TVNZ Telethon 1988 Leeza and Christopher- "The Wizard"

TVNZ Telethon 1988 - "Highlights - Holidaymakers"


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