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Airport Departure Charges

If you have your tickets to leave New Zealand all sorted out, they will sometimes not include NZ departure Charges.

If you are flying out of Auckland the departure charge is included in your ticket and no extra money will be paid at the airport. 

The other centres are working towards including the departure charge in the tickets to become more inline with Auckland and other international airports

For centres other than Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin  

The New Zealand departure charge from Hamilton, Rotorua and Queenstown is $25nzd and payable by cash or credit card at the Airport Travelex store in Queenstown, Hamilton ASB Bank and BNZ in Rotorua after you check in. Children under 12 years of age (except Wellington which charges NZ$10 for children) and transit passengers in New Zealand for less than 24 hours are exempt.

Once you have paid the departure charge the bank puts a little sticker on the back of your ticket as your receipt. You can also use this opportunity to change the last of your New Zealand dollars to your next currency.

If you find large lines at the BNZ, there are now self service machines that lets you pay your departure charge and gives you a receipt that does not come with a sticky back, so you can't stick it to the back of your ticket (don't lose the receipt)

Hamilton and Rotorua airports charge a domestic departure tax, not only international departure fees.  You need to pay a $5 departure fee on domestic services out of these airports.


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I'm also an Australian but live in NZ.

How quickly do you forget departure tax existed in Australia some years back.

I agree it's a pain but you can pay with a credit card.

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Extremely irritating and apparently deliberately confusing - for example if flying out of Auckland apparently this tax is included in ticket - but not if flying out of wellington. I am flying out of wellington, to auckland then singapore - so is it included in the many taxes already included, but not itemised, on my ticket or not? Should get a grip and either include it in ticket price or scrap it - the only other places i know of that do this are third world amateurs.

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I have no problem with the tax as most coutries are adopting it as part of a user pays system for implementing traveller protection. But i have one grip, an that being why does the bank only open at 5:45 and you are told to be there 2 hours before a flight. And the bank is not open 2 hrs prior, fix it ip please

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