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THOMAS, JACK and WAYNE are the best of mates in this first feature directed by hamish Rothwell.
Together theyre the Stickmen, playing an on-going stake game of pub pool that sees them touring the dark underbelly of Wellingtons pub scene.

Each of them lives their life the way they play pool. THOMAS is either 'on or 'off. His game can be one of two things - absolutely brilliant or absolutely crap. JACK is always slick, cool and forever setting up the next shot. WAYNE is, well, WAYNE. He bumbles his way through life happy to be the guy that always says the wrong thing at the wrong time.

In the tournament they must face up to a weird and wonderful collection of players. Bikers, priests, waitresses, bankers and the terrifying 'Caller are all standing in their way of winning the big cash prize. And behind I tall is the sinister omnipresence of Daddy, a hook-handed crime lord who pulls all the strings.

Against the backdrop of the tournament THOMAS is at a turning point in his life. Hes lost his job, his girlfriend and the roof over his head. But as the game goes on he finds himself being pursued by the feisty SARA - a girl with a lot of attitude and a big secret.

This is a story that revolves around a series of sticky felt tables in smoke-filled bars. Its the pure distillation of warfare. In any given night a pooll table will see casualties, victors, victims and legends.

Pool gets under your skin.

It becomes part of you.

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