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If you are thinking of going to, or have lived in Dunedin this will give you some great memories and a good story line.


Six students discover crime should be left to criminals.

A guide to student life

SCARFIES/; scarf-ees/ n. - local slang for students at Otago University. Dunedin - Southernmost University in the world.

DUNEDIN/; dunnee-din/ n. - University town in New Zealand. Home of the guitar-based 'Dunedin sound', the legendary Otago rugby team and 16,000 scarfies.

SQUAT/; skwat/ n&v. - An abandoned house coveted by the financially challenged (ie. poor scarfies). Attractions: Free rent; free power; freedom.

MARIJUANA/; marawana/n. - An illicit substance found growing in the basement of a certain Dunedin squat.

DEAL/; de-el/n. - An illegal way to make money from above substance.

CHAOS/; K-os/n. - What happens when five cash-strapped scarfies become amateur drug lords for a week.

LESSON/; less-on/n - That crime should be left to criminals.

About Scarfies

Before SCARFIES was even a script, it won an award - albeit a modes award - a chocolate fish in fact. After finishing the highly successful short film "Signing Off", director Robert Sarkies and producer Lisa Chatfield of Nightmare Productions formed Nightmare Productions in 1993 with director of Photography Stephen Downes. The group started with some Creative NZ funding to make the short film "Dreammakers", the origin of the name Nightmare Productions. "Because making a film often has people throwing their hands up and exclaiming "What a nightmare!" Sarkes explained!

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