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Bad Taste



Early cult Peter Jackson movie


Aliens from outer space come to earth in search of human flesh for an inter-galactic fast-food chain. Who will save the world? A small, quiet seaside town is even quieter than usual. All the local inhabitants have disappeared. Could someone have chopped them all into pieces?

Their fate, it seems has been caused by a small contingent of violent aliens. They've arrive on earth in search of human flesh to use as hamburger meat in their inter-galatic fast-food chain.
Before the last inhabitant of the small town breathes no more, there's a panic-stricken call for help to the outside world.
It's time for the newly-formed Alien Investigation and Defence Service - Barry, Derek, Frank and Ozzie head for the danger zone, where they begin to deal systematically to the aliens, whenever they can find them.
Their problems increase when a charity worker arrives in the little town. He wants to collect money for a good cause. But instead he finds himself being preparation for the aliens' farewell feast.
Barry, Frank and Ozzie start out to rescue the marinating charity worker. Derek, meantime, begins wreaking a peculiarly personal vengeance on the aliens.
Giles is rescued after a series of Rambo-esque tactics, plus the loss of Frank's car and several nerve-wracking confrontations.
But ultimately it is Derek, single-handed, who completes the assignment by killing the alien leader in a macabrely gory ritual of termination which takes place in outer space.

Watch out comes Derek.


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