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Police Services

The New Zealand police service has a fantastic reputation and the crime rates are genrally low. The New Zealand police is in charge of enforcing all criminal law in New Zealand and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are almost 9000 staff and there are approximately 400 community based police stations with staff ready to help.

If you wish to report a crime you have the following options:

Emergency: dial 111 on your telephone

For anything that is happening now or has just happened, and
people are in danger, or
property is in danger of loss or damage, or
a crime is being or has just been committed and the person or persons who did it is/are nearby, or
where is a major public inconvenience.

Non-emergency: phone/visit your local Police Station

To report incidents or crimes that have already happened sometime in the past and a rapid police response is not likely to affect the outcome
or for routine enquiries.
For traffic incidents - cellphones dial *555

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