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Customs and Duty Free

Customs Allowances

In addition to personal effects,visitors over 17 years old are allowed the following concessions free of duty and tax:

200 Cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco or a mixture of all three not weighing more than 250 grams.

Alcoholic Liquor
4.5 litres of wine (six 750ml bottles) or 4.5 litres of beer, and one bottle containing not more than 1125ml of spirits or liqueur.

Other Goods
Goods up to a total combined value of $700 are free of duty and GST (Goods & Service Tax). Goods in excess of this amount may attract duty and GST. It will be collected however only if their value is NZ$50 or more. For further information a detailed leaflet, Customs Guide for Travellers is available from New Zealand embassies and consulates.

Duty Free Shopping

Visitors may buy duty free goods not subject to local taxes from duty free shops on arrival and departure. For your convenience duty free shops in downtown Auckland and Christchurch will deliver purchases to airport departure gates.

Agricultural Restrictions

New Zealand is fortunate in that it is free of many animal and plant diseases. To maintain this position, restrictions are imposed on the importation of some animal and plant materials. A declaration will need to be filled out before arrival in New Zealand.

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