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Cheap International Phone Calls

One company that we have found offers some of the cheapest international calls are Kia ora. This will tell you more about Kia ora

Kia ora and welcome to the most innovative Calling Card ever introduced onto the New Zealand market.

We are proud to be able to offer for the first time, we believe, anywhere in the world a true hybrid calling card that offers both phone calls and internet access all on one simple to use card, and we are particularly proud of the fantastic images we have designed on the face of the cards, depicting over 120 key tourist areas throughout this beautiful country of New Zealand.

You will also enjoy our low cost local and international calling rates together with the low Internet access rate.

We have supplied you with samples of the cards here on our website, together with general info and instructions on the Kia ora cards we hope you enjoy this site and remember to purchase your Kia ora cards nationwide.

Kia ora cards are powered by Compass Communications Ltd 100% New Zealand-owned company operating its own telecommunications network with major switching centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and with further network points of presence in eight other centres across New Zealand. Compass employs people in six offices throughout New Zealand. Key services include telephone, fax and data network services, Internet access, and web hosting.

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There is indeed a wide range of phonecards available that are worth looking into. The calling charges are generally cheaper than the mobile calling rates when using a local SIM. For example 2 degrees offers the cheapest rate at 22c per minute to 22 countries including local calls with in NZ. However if you buy a NZ Holidaycard with the $10 calling credit option, you will only call home from 5 c perminute to most commonly countries ( more than 22)when dialing from a landline to landline. Using the calling credit from a mobile to a NZ Landline (most hotels and motel rooms allow the use of a tollfree number from the phones in their rooms) is only 5 cents as well. The calling credit is provided by TelstraClear and you simply dial a toll free number, put in your card number and dial the number as usual.
There are no hidden extras, i.e GST is included, no connection fees, no restrictions on when you can call and no restrictions on minimum calling time. It definetely pays to read the fine print of any calling card you purchase as very often they sound too cheap to be true.
Make sure you buy a local SIMcard to avoid excessive global roaming charges. Make sure your phone is unlocked from your local provider otherwise the simcard will not activate.

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