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NZ Radio

New Zealand's hilly terrain means that many radio stations, particularly FM stations, have a somewhat limited range, and this, along with deregulation of the airwaves, has led to a multiplication of public, private and non-profit stations catering to all tastes including classical, easy listening, rock and alternative, as well as several new Maori stations and Pacific Islands Radio.

There are two national public non-commercial networks, the AM National Programme which carries mainly news, talk, documentaries and drama as well as light entertainment, and the FM Concert Programme which emphasises classical music with some plays and discussions.

A national programme on the AM network caters for sport and carries commentaries on major sporting events. The other national broadcaster is the non-profit Christian network Radio Rhema, the oldest radio station in the country, originating in Dunedin.

Tourist Information FM

Tourist Information FM as been specially established to service the free and independent traveller. The service is broadcast nationwide from 54 sites throughout New Zealand (look for our distinctive road signs). It broadcasts on low power FM radio transmitters on three frequencies, 88.2 (English), 100.4 (German), and 100.8 (Japanese). The presentation is exciting, informative, and authentic.

Each site broadcasts specific details about the area, incorporating relevant historic, geographic and cultural information with that on local activities and services. Tourist Information FM is believed to be the world's first multi-lingual, nationwide radio information service operating 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

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