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There are so many great places to eat in Wellington, here are three we tried. The first one in Courtney Place (that a bar recommended to us) was the Hummingbird bar and cafe. When we arrived it had a great feel about it. Short and sweet, it was all good, the food was good, service friendly and yet not over the top, middle of the road prices, sorry I cannot say more but I would go back again. There are mixed reviews about Hummingbird on the various New Zealand restaurant sites, but the Hummingbird is worth a try.

Breakfast on Saturday morning we took a walk down Cuba Mall and came across Matterhorn restaurant. I had heard a few good things about Matterhorn. We walked down a corridor to a dark restaurant with a quiet feel, unlike the Cuba Mall style eateries. Although you cannot mall people watch the setting is great for a quiet read of the paper and cup of tea. I love a good eggs and bacon breakfast but find it tough to get breakfast as I like it. I wanted some homemade hash browns with the eggs and bacon but the waitress convinced me to try the potato fritters. The breakfast came out perfect, eggs great and bacon just a bit crispy (the way I like it). It must be the only time that a New Zealand restaurant has given me perfect over easy fried eggs. Those potato fritters were also a winner, shaped like little eggs, crispy on the outside with a great flavoured mash potato mix on the inside. The staff were prompt and friendly.  I would go straight back to Matterhorn to try dinner next time I am in Wellington.

On Sunday morning I headed out looking for my favourite meal of the day, breakfast, and wandered into Cafe Botanic in Thorndon. It was a nice bright relaxed setting so I ordered my eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns and tomato. It all came out cheap and cheerful, nothing special, nothing bad. Back to the normal, not quite right over easy eggs,  the breakfast sausages were a bit spicy for my liking but they were good if you like a bit of spice and the hash browns were out of a box. I think hash browns in a breakfast show how much time and love has been put into that breakfast. Prompt service with friendly staff which was consistent with the other two restaurants we visited in Wellington.

Nothing bad in any restaurant, but my pick is Matterhorn, it's worth a visit.


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