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Fuel Budget/ Petrol Prices New Zealand

Petrol in New Zealand has jumped up a bit in the last few years and people are looking for ways to save on their petrol bills. We will try to give you as much information about petrol/diesel prices in NZ as possible.




The two large supermarket chains FoodStuffs (Pak n Save, New World, Four Square) and Progressive Enterprises (Countdown, Supervalue, Fresh Choice) groups are going head to head with discounts on petrol/diesel if you buy large amount of groceries.


This can be worth while with discounts up to 30 cents a litre as at 10 May 2012.



Petrol Prices around New Zealand 

Here is a great link to the fuel watchdog in New Zealand. This site gives you all the fuel prices around New Zealand. Always updating, so a great resource for you fuel research.



This is the New Zealand Governments fuel saver helpful website


This is the New Zealand AA (Automobile Association) fuel information area of their website



A useful guide to help you budget your fuel use around New Zealand

Here is a rough guide on what to expect to spend on petrol for your New Zealand vacation. All petrol prices and exchange rates change daily, but we hope this helps a bit.

For a normal 1600-2000cc car allow 8-10 litres of petrol per 100Km

For a van it could be 10-13 litres of petrol per 100Km

1 mile = 1.61Km



Useful NZ Government website with information on saving money on vehicle fuel.

Which includes the following tips

Driving efficiently and saving on your fuel bill

Compare your vehicle fuel economy rating. This is great! You can compare four different cars and see how many kms you get out of $100 of fuel and how much it would cost to run over a year.



All this information should help you work out your travelling budget.


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Supermarkets around New Zealand are offering money off petrol at the moment if you buy your stuff off them (Feb 07). The other day New World offered 10cents off per litre. The usual is 4-6 cents.

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