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Catching a Taxi in New Zealand

Catching a taxi cab in New Zealand is a simple exercise. You still have to watch out for the taxi drivers who take you the longest possible way, but these drivers are few and far between.

There are many different companies operating throughout New Zealand that operate from the top of the line cars to average saloons. When catching a taxi you may catch any taxi on the rank. You do not have to take the first cab in line, the drivers will not get upset.

Taxi drivers cannot refuse you because you do not want to travel very far. Each company set their prices, but most are similar. Make sure that the taxi you get into takes your form of payment; some don't take credit cards or have Eftpos facilities. There also maybe a surcharge on credit cards, this is normal with some companies.

You can ask for an estimate of the price for your journey before you start.

The driver must display an id card and a fare schedule to let you know what they charge.

Things that will be displayed;

Flagfall: A one off charge to get into a taxi and start the hire.

Tariff: Rate for each Kilometre travelled ( there maybe different rates charged depending on the day, pickup location, number of passengers or size of vehicle).

Waiting Time: Charge per minute that the cab is stationary during the trip for any reason.

Airport Fee: Charge passed onto the customer for the taxi to leave the airport.

Luggage Fee: Charge per item of luggage carried by the taxi. (Only some taxi companies charge this)


Drivers will always try and take the best route, if you have any doubts during the trip please ask your driver.

When you arrive at your destination, note down the company and number of the taxi for any complaints or if you leave anything behind.

The drivers should be polite, courteous and display knowledge of the city and where you need to go.

If you are unhappy with your driver contact the company directly, if it is serious or concerns criminal activity contact the NZ Police and Land Transport New Zealand.

You should have a good taxi ride and most drivers are friendly and informative.

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