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Unfair Accommodation Pricing Practices in New Zealand

New Zealand has many different types of accommodation. One unsavory practice that occurs all the time is the hiking up of accommodation prices around special events.

If you plan to visit towns or cities during any events eg; Visit Wanaka during the Warbirds over Wanaka weekend book up to a year in advance to get accommodation with the ethical providers. Some accommodation providers double their prices during these peak weekends and have disclaimers on price guides saying "Rates may change due to seasonal variances" This means they can charge what they like when they like.

This also applies to some car, motorhome and campervan rental companies.

How many other businesses can work like that? Do coffee shops double the price of coffee during special event weekends, No. Can the local supermarket double the price of food over special weekends just because its very busy? No.

It effects the whole town when a family on a budget spends all their money on accommodation they don't take in some of the other activities in the area like Bungy Jumping or Jet boating.


Interesting article on the Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand price gouging issue



Please use this page to name and shame these operators.


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