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New Zealand Wool Rugs

By Damian Sofsian
Wool is renewable and biodegradable and thus New Zealand wool rugs are an environmentally friendly décor choice. New Zealand wool is renowned to be the purest and whitest wool in the world.

Sheep from which New Zealand wool is sourced are raised on land unsuitable for food-crop cultivation or other agricultural purposes. No banned pesticides are used on New Zealand sheep-farms thus making this industry one of the world's most environment-friendly animal production industries. New Zealand wool rugs are produced in an eco-friendly manner so that the delicate and vital balance in nature is not upset.

New Zealand wool rugs come in varying sizes and myriad patterns. They are plush, soft and luxurious. As New Zealand wool lends itself well to dyeing, New Zealand wool rugs have long lasting colors. They are available in both traditional and contemporary designs. A bright white base which plays up all colors is used to create all kinds of vibrant and stylish New Zealand wool rugs. Good quality rugs use color fast and stain resistant yarns.

New Zealand wool rugs can be either hand-tufted or machine woven. Their quality, thickness and density also differ due to this factor. Typically, handmade rugs are thicker and denser than machine woven ones. If properly maintained, wool rugs can last for 6 to 10 years depending upon the quality of the rugs.

Sheepskin rugs are a by product of the New Zealand wool rug industry and are among the most popular rugs. They are lavish and grand and compliment home furnishings. The length of the rugs can vary from 75cm to around 250cm and the minimum width required ranges from 50cm onwards. Sheepskin rugs can cost anything from $100 upwards depending on size, method of manufacture and other such factors.

New Zealand wool rugs can also be custom made. Several companies allow you to choose from different center designs, border designs, shape options, patterns, pile and colors. Some companies also let you create your own design to match the décor and feel of your home. []Wool Rugs provides detailed information on Braided Wool Rugs, Contemporary Wool Rugs, Discount Wool Rugs, Hand Tufted Wool Rugs and more. Wool Rugs is affiliated with []Cheap Area Rugs.

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