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Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is a small town located at the southern end of the lake of the same name in the inland South Island of New Zealand. The lake is a popular tourist destination, and several resort hotels are located at the township. The lake's outflow into the Tekapo River is close to the town. The lake is at the upper end of the Waitaki hydroelectric scheme, and as such, several dams and artificial canals are found near its outflow, linking it with Lake Pukaki. The township is growing everyday with new houses on sub division developments being built at a rapid pace.


Historic Church on the shore of Lake Tekapo, A popular place for Weddings 

Selected for its very clear atmosphere, large number of clear sky nights, and lack of light pollution Mount John University Observatory is located on a small hill to the north of the town, and south of the small Lake Alexandrina. Originally set up by the University of Pennsylvania (looking for a southern hemisphere location), it is now run by the University of Canterbury. From 1969 to 1982, the United States Air Force had a satellite tracking station adjacent to the observatory.

The NZ Army has a large training range located at Tekapo. It is used for general military exercises and for pre-deployment training of forces been sent to Afghanistan.

Lake Tekapo is a relaxing place if you want to fish, mountainbike or walk. It is also a midway stop between Christchurch and Queenstown to buy an ice cream or hot pie in winter.


Looking out the Church window over Lake Tekepo 


James MacKenzie and his sheep dog story created in metal sculptures in the main street of Tekapo 


Lake Tekapo 


Monument to the working sheep dog, Lake Tekapo 


Main road through Tekapo looking North 

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Map of Lake Tekapo 


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