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What the All Blacks Eat

The All Blacks are always one of the top Rugby teams in the World. At the 2007 World Cup in France nutrition is a big part of what makes the top teams play like champions. The All Blacks have a diet that gives them the energy they need while avoiding to many foods high in saturated fats.

A typical day would look like this;

Breakfast; Fruit, Cereal (such as Weetbix or low fat Museli with yoghurt) Some may have fruit or vegetable juice and a poached egg or two on toast with grilled tomatoes.

Lunch; Soup with wholegrain bread and loads of salads and fruit. Make your own option could include a 100% reduced fat beef burger, frittata or a chicken Caesar salad.

Dinner; Dinner is at 6.30 and can be just about anything from roast duck, lean sausage stew to lamb shanks. It is always a hot meal with protein and carbs. Dessert is served in small bowls which is proven to effect the way people eat (you eat less if your food is served on small plates) and includes apple and rhubarb crumble and as a treat sticky date pudding, all served with plenty of fruit.

You also have to remember that the All Blacks will burn between 4000 and 5000 calories a day.

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