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Cost of a vacation in NZ


How long will $2000USD last me in NZ?


New Zealand is an averaged priced country to travel. Not as cheap as some Asian countries but not as expensive as some other areas of the world.

If you are in New Zealand for just an average priced but exciting holiday your $2000usd will properly stretch around 15 days, this would let you stay in average accommodation and hire an average car.

Average priced Vacation Per Day USD  
Accommodation   $35 (Motel/Hotel)
Car Hire     $28 (Small/Medium)
Petrol     $10    
Food/Drink   $38 (Cook and eat out)
Activities     $21 (Bungy Jump etc)
Total     $132 USD  


You will not be Bungy Jumping everyday so this takes that into account but you may be Jet boating and doing other sight seeing trips.

Cost of New Zealand adventure activities; http://www.newzealandatoz adventure activies

Cost of everyday food and other everyday things; price of everday things

You do have a cheaper way of seeing New Zealand
You can travel economically in New Zealand. Budget travellers can expect to get by on less than $40USD a day if camping or staying in hostels and self-catering. Motor camps and motels all have kitchens for guests' use. Staying in these also gives you the option of doing your own cooking. One of the main reasons people come to New Zealand is to participate in the activities the country is known for not see the insides of cars and hotels. Some great things in New Zealand cost nothing and include tramping, swimming and bird watching. But other enjoyable activities are expensive and they can end up being a major part of your travel budget.

These guides should give you an idea of what to budget for on your New Zealand trip. This is a guide only.

All prices are based on 21 February 2007

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