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Major Tracks - M -

Track: Mangapurua /Kaiwhakauka Tracks.

Whanganui Conservancy Location: Whanganui National Park Access: Mangapurua Landing via Pipiriki off SH4 or Whakahoro off SH4 or Ruatiti off SH4 Description: Easy tramp 3 - 4 days through 2 historically important river valleys including a visit to the Bridge to Nowhere DOC contact: Wanganui: +64 6 348 8475 Comment: One Great Walk hut at Whakahoro and freedom camping in valleys. Brochure available.

Track: Matemateaonga Track.

Whanganui Conservancy Location: Whanganui National Park, between Whangamomona and Whanganui River Access: 60 km east from Stratford, right on Brewer Rd to Mangaehu Road or by boat to Ramanui from Pipiriki on the Whanganui River Description: Medium tramp. 42 km, 4 - 5 day mainly along a forest ridge DOC contact: Wanganui: +64 6 348 8475 Comment: 3 serviced huts. Brochure available.

Track: Matiri Valley and 1000 Acre Plateau.

Nelson/Marlborough Conservancy Location: Kahurangi National Park, northern South Island Access: Matiri Valley off SH6, 22 km from Murchison Description: Easy day walk to Lake Matari. Overnight tramps to 2 huts in Matiri valley, steep ascent to I000 Acre Plateau. Medium tramp DOC contact: St Arnaud: +64 3 521 1806 Comment: Standard huts.

Track: Mavora Lakes Walkway.

Southland Conservancy Location: Alongside Mavora Lakes linking with Greenstone Track, southern South Island Access: Mavora Lakes Road off SH94 and Greenstone Road end of Lake Wakatipu Description: Easy to medium tramp. 51 km, 4 days linking Mavora Lakes with the Greenstone Track. Alpine conditions apply DOC contact: Te Anau: +64 3 249 7924 Comment: Standard huts. Info sheet available.

Track: Milford Track - Great Walk.

Southland Conservancy Location: Fiordland National Park, south-west of the South Island Access: Bus and boat from Te Anau Description: 54 km, 4 day trip. River valleys with glaciers and waterfalls over an alpine pass DOC contact: Te Anau: +64 3 249 7924 Comment: Reserve October - April. Phone: +64 3 249 8514 Brochure available.

Track: Mount Arthur Tableland.

Nelson/Marlborough Conservancy Location: Kahurangi National Park, north- west South Island Access: Cobb Valley, Takaka or Graham Valley Road, Motueka Description: Moderately difficult tramping in limestone and marble country DOC contact: Takaka: +64 3 525 8026 Motueka: +64 3 528 1810 Comment: Mt Arthur, Salisbury Lodge and Balloon huts serviced. Brochure available.

Track: Mount Holdsworth / Jumbo Circuit.

Wellington Conservancy Location: Tararua Forest Park, southern North Island Access: 15 km along Norfolk Road off SH2 south of Masterton Description: Medium to hard tramping. 3 day circular trip through forest and over the top of Mt Holdsworth, 1470 metres DOC contact: Masterton: +64 6 377 0022 Wellington: +64 4 472 7356 Comment: Serviced huts. Cooking gas provided. Brochure available.

Track: Mount Somers Sub Alpine Walkway.

Canterbury Conservancy Location: Mt Somers Conservation Area, 1 - 2 hours south-west of Christchurch Access: Old Jig Road via Ashburton Gorge Road or Flynn's Road Staveley Description: Experience required for this 17 km, 2 day sub-alpine medium tramp. Abandoned coal mines, volcanic formations and tussock grassland. New South Face Route opened DOC contact: Raukapuka: +64 3 693 1010 Comment: Standard huts. No cooking facilities. Brochure available.

Track: Mount Taranaki Around the Mountain Circuit.

Whanganui Conservancy Location: Egmont National Park, mid North Island Access: North Egmont from Egmont Village off SH3, Pembroke Road Stratford and Manaia Road off SH45 Description: Medium to hard tramping through forest and mountainous terrain. 35 - 45 km, 3 - 5 days DOC contact: North Egmont: +64 6 756 0990 Dawson Falls 0274 430 248 Comment: Serviced huts, some are heated, no cookers.

Track: Mount Taranaki Summit.

Whanganui Conservancy Location: Egmont National Park, mid North Island Access: North Egmont Visitor Centre off SH4 at Egmont Village Description: Experience required when icy/snowy. 4 - 7 hours climbing and 3 - 4 hours down. Only to be attempted in good weather and with the proper equipment. DOC contact: North Egmont: +64 6 756 0990 Comment: Booked accommodation available at North Egmont camp house.

Track: Mueller Hut.

Canterbury Conservancy Location: Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park, central Southern Alps Access: Aoraki/Mt Cook Village Description: Overnight trip of 3 - 4 hours one way. Steep climb of 1000m. Up to date information essential. DOC contact: Aoraki/Mt Cook: +64 3 435 1819 Comment: Hut fees payable at DOC Aoraki/Mt Cook. Summer $22, winter $20, gas cookers in summer. 

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