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Tourism Terms

Glossary of Tourism Terms



AA Automobile Association
APEC Asia Pacific Economic Community
Backpacker A visitor in NZ for the purpose of a holiday or special event who stays in a backpackers lodge/hostel.
Business Travel Travel of 1 - 365 days duration for the purpose of attending a convention or training, conducting official/government or private business.
CAM Commercial Accommodation Monitor
Coach Tour A guided bus tour for a group of holiday makers that follows a scheduled itinerary. Visitors purchase all arrangements from the Inbound Tour Operator prior to arrival in NZ.
Collateral Promotional materials distributed to travel trade partners, for the purpose of educating sellers about and/or assisting in the sale of suppliers' products.
Consolidators Based in some offshore markets, consolidators buy air fares in bulk from airlines and sell these to retail agents for on-sale to consumers.
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRS Computerised Reservation System
Demographic Profile Characteristics used in research such as age, gender, occupation, income, marital status, place of residence, etc.
Deregulation Removal or relaxing of barriers to travel such as restrictions on the nature of outbound travel, amount of money taken out of the country, visa requirements and costs, air service agreements.
Domestic tourism Travel within the country of residence.
DOC / DoC Department of Conservation
Door Rate Retail price for accommodation/activity.
DTS Domestic Travel Study
ECAT E-Commerce Action Team
FIT Free Independent Travellers - visitors coming to NZ on holiday who do not purchase pre-packaged travel or pay for anything other than international airfares prior to arriving in NZ. Whilst in NZ, they organise their own travel as they go, do not travel as part of a tour group or on a coach tour.
FoRST Foundation of Research, Science and Technology
FOREX Foreign Exchange Earnings
FTE Full Time Equivalent employee
Gate Rate Retail price for accommodation/activity.
GBA General Booking Agreement
GDP (Per Cap) Gross Domestic Product (earned per capita).
Group Travel Often used to mean coach tour travellers, but can also refer to holiday-makers who travel with a group of two or more couples, a family group, a school or special interest group, etc.
GSA General Sales Agreement
HANZ Hospitality Association of New Zealand
HIS Hospitality and Service Industry Training Organisation
Holiday Travel Travel of 1 - 365 days duration, for the purpose of a holiday, a honeymoon, skiing/snowboarding, or as an incentive/reward for good work.
IATA International Air Transport Association
ICOMOS International Council of Monuments and Sites
IMP International Media Programme - a Tourism New Zealand programme to attract quality media to cover New Zealand.
Impromptu Travel No arrangements booked in country of destination prior to travel. (Another name for FIT travel).
Inbound Tour Operator NZ based tourism operators who put together itineraries and process reservations (including accommodation, transport, activites and attractions) on behalf of offshore tour wholesalers and retail agents.
Inbound travel / tourism Short term arrivals into a country by nationals/residents of other countries.
Independent Travel Travellers who make their own arrangements and devise their own itineraries, i.e. both FIT and SIT travellers but not group or coach tour travellers.
ITOs Industry Training Organisations or Inbound Tour Operator
ITOC Inbound Tour Operators Council
IVA International Visitor Arrivals - research on the number of international arrivals to NZ.
IVS International Visitor Survey - research on the behaviour of international visitors to NZ.
LGNZ Local Government New Zealand
Long-haul Travel Air travel of 8 or more hours duration.
LOS / LoS Length of Stay - the amount of time a tourist spends in a particular place.
Macro Region Grouping of Regional Tourism Organisations into a larger regional marketing entity.
Medium-haul Travel Air travel of between 4 and 8 hours duration
MFE Ministry for the Environment
MICE Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events
NewRTOs Proposed 'new generation' RTOs
NTO National Tourism Organisation - the body responsible for marketing the nation to tourists.
NZTB New Zealand Tourist Board, trading as Tourism New Zealand.
NZTE New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OTSP / OTSp Office of Tourism and Sport - now know as the Ministry of Tourism, te Manatu Tapoi (TMT).
Outbound Travel Short term departures by nationals/residents of a country.
Package Traveller Travellers who buy pre-packaged travel arrangements such as international airfares, accommodation, transport, activities/attractions prior to arriving in NZ for a holiday.
PATA Pacific Asia Travel Association
Population Ageing The effect of slowing birth rates and longer life expectancy on the median age of the population.
Pre-booked travel Domestic airfares, accommodation, activities/attractions or transport paid for prior to arrival in NZ.
Qualmark Classification and grading system for the New Zealand tourism industry, using 5 star system.
Rack Rate Retail price of accommodation, airfares, activities/attractions.
Retailer Firms such as travel agents and airlines, that promote and sell travel to consumers.
RMA Resource Management Act
RTO Regional Tourism Organisation - the entity responsible for marketing a region to tourists.
Seasonality The influence of the time of the year on patterns in travel. The volume of travel to NZ is far greater during our summer and lower over winter.
SFRITO Sports, Fitness, Recreation Industry Training Organisation
Short-haul Travel Air travel of less than 4 hours duration.
SIT Semi-Independent Travellers - Visitors coming to NZ on holiday who do not purchase a fully pre-planned travel package. They may organise their own travel arrangements prior to or after arriving in NZ.
SME(s) Small and Medium Enterprises
STA Student Travel Association
Supplier New Zealand based tourism companies, includes accommodation providers, activities/attractions, event organisers, retail shops, tour and transport operators.
TAANZ Travel Agents Association of New Zealand - association for NZ based travel agents.
TIA / TIANZ Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand - association that represents members in the tourism industry, mainly small and medium sized businesses.
TLAs Territorial Local Authorities
TMT The Ministry of Tourism, te Manatu Tapoi (also known as OTSp)
TNZ Tourism New Zealand (also known as NZTB)
Tourism The activity of persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business or any other purpose. (United Nations approved definition)
Tourist Anyone who spends at least one night away from home, no matter what the purpose.
Tracking Research Ongoing research conducted at regular intervals to track changes in specific factors, for example, potential customers' intention to travel to NZ.
TRCNZ Tourism Research Council New Zealand
TRENZ Tourism Rendezvous New Zealand - annual exhibition at which tourism operators to market their products and services to wholesalers.
TRM Trade Relations Management
TSA Tourism Satellite Account - official calculation of the contribution of tourism to the New Zealand economy.
USP Unique Selling Proposition - your point of difference, the thing that makes your product/service uniquely marketable to customers.
VFR A trip for the purpose of Visiting Friends or Relatives for 1 - 365 days.
Visitors A broader category than 'tourist', includes tourists and same-day visitors.
VIN Visitor Information Network - officially recognised network of information centres.
Wholesaler Firms that purchase products or ground arrangements from New Zealand suppliers or inbound operators, and package products for sale. Wholesalers deal primarily with retailers, but sometimes also sell directly to the public.
WOM / WoM Word of Mouth - what customers say to others about your product/service.
WTO World Tourism Organization
WTTC World Travel & Tourism Council
YHA Youth Hostels Association.

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