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New Zealand Food and Drink

New Zealand has an English background to its food with traditional meals being the roast dinner, with meat, potatoes and 2 vegetables and for a takeaway, Fish & Chips. But any New Zealanders balanced diet would not be complete without a good meat pie.
New Zealand is a major producer of lamb, venison, pork, chicken and beef, and dairy products are abundant and inexpensive. Almost all types of fruit are available in the shops. New Zealanders generally have a balanced diet of vegetables with either meat or fish and potatoes. Dinner is usually considered to be the main meal
Over the past twenty years New Zealanders have come to enjoy food from all over the world with many new nationalities now settling in NZ and bringing some great food with them.

New Zealanders now have developed other favourites apart from their normal English diet
The most popular would probably be Chinese, with the Chinese influence on NZ going back to the early Chinese gold miners in central Otago.

Some of the most popular foods are Thai, Indian and Japanese food.
Pacific Island influences on New Zealand food are also becoming more prevalent. While you are in NZ you must enjoy a Maori Hangi. This is a meal that is cooked the traditional Maori way, in the ground, to perfection.

Many well-known fast food chains are available in New Zealand and include McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza, Subway and Burger King.

New Zealand has large supermarkets where you can buy anything from fresh fish to wine and beer. Supermarkets are open everyday up to 8pm and 9pm at night. There are also specialist shops selling Asian foods and products although many of these products are now also available in the supermarkets.

You will always find a great food all around New Zealand.

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