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Rainbow Trout

Information on the Rainbow Trout
By Ken Austin

Rainbow trout are a fresh water fish. They are aggressive fish in that they put up a great fight for the fisherman. Maybe because of this rainbow trout are one of the most popular types of game fish available. Rainbow trout tend to be one of the most sought after fish out there. Their meat is only one reason for this as the thrill of catching this fish is far greater!

Rainbow trout range in size from a foot to a foot and a half up to 30 inches in some cases. Their weight ranges from two pounds up to about eight pounds. They are also known as steelhead trout, coast rainbow trout, or silver trout. Rainbow trout range in color but most are blue to blue green, yellowish green to a light colored brown on their backs. Their sides are silvery while their bottoms are a silver white color.

You can find rainbow trout in several areas including the Great Lakes region of North America and west of the Rocky Mountains in fresh water lakes and streams. Their native region is actually the eastern Pacific Ocean. In recent years, rainbow trout have been introduced to several areas including South America, Africa, Japan, New Zealand, and in parts of Asia and Europe.

People who plan to do some rainbow trout fishing will need to know several things about this fish. First of all, realize that these fish like to fight and are aggressive by nature. They tend to be difficult fish to reel in. The angler or fly fisherman will find them to be a great challenge. Also, rainbow trout tend to stay in the upper 30-35 feet of water so there are easy to spot. Getting into the boat, well, that is determined by the fisherman's skill. But, these fish are a great catch and anyone who is interested in doing some rainbow trout fishing, should ensure that they have nice, strong equipment and a good sense of how to deal with a struggling fish!

Ken Austin
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Trout Tour Bum Diaries, Volume 2 "New Zealand"

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