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NewZealandAtoZ reviews; Scenic Circle Hotel, Princess St, Dunedin. 28/12/14

We made a booking for what we thought was the Scenic Circle Southern Cross Hotel. We turned up at the Southern Cross Hotel and were told our booking was for their other hotel on Princess St, more towards the Octagon, so not a bad thing, but a block walk from the Southern Cross Hotel Casino (stopped us spending money there, so thanks). We got our bags back in the car and headed to the right place.


Either the booking process was confusing for someone who does not know Dunedin or we are a little bit stupid, maybe a bit of both.


The staff were nice at the Princess St Hotel and when I asked “where should I park the car?” the answer was “for $12 per night we will park it, or for free until 9am on the street (when the Dunedin City parking attendants come out) If you know the central Dunedin night life this is a little risky.


The Hotel website states in fine print

“*Extensive On-site parking is available – at a minimal fee of $12.00. Alternative public parking is available in the surrounding areas.”




  • There is not * reference at the bottom of the page

  • Minimal fee does not say per night

  • Alternative does not say on the street until 9am.

  • There is not extensive parking at the Southern Cross, we got the last one when we thought we were staying there and who knows where the car was at Princess St.


How it should read

Limited On-site valet parking is available at $12 per night, or you can park on the street for free until 9am, when you have to move the car to avoid a fine.


When we asked hotel staff about the parking costs, they told us that “they had to pay the council for parking”.


This should be factored into what they charge for rooms, all hotels have to pay for parking somehow.


We think this is the thin end of the wedge where Hotels are going to start charging “Taking the Piss Hotel Tax” for all things. How long before they start charging $5 for the milk they supply for coffee in your room and you don't get a free newspaper.


The room was standard for the price ($139 Sunday and $173 Monday), the first night TV3 voice was out of sink with the pictures, the quality of the Sky movie channel was average and the USB input was not working.


We asked about the USB to be checked but no one got back to us and it was still not working when we returned to our room. TV3 was back to normal (who knows what caused that).


The room was tidy, beds were comfortable and the views good (looking at the Dunedin hill and Otago Boys High).


The staff were friendly, and the location was good in relation to the center city Octagon.


If we stay in Dunedin again we would look for a Hotel that has free parking provided.


So sorry Scenic Circle, even if we flew we would be looking elsewhere first.


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