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Storing your loyalty cards on your phone in New Zealand


I recently put a clever app on my phone that stores all my loyalty cards in one place.  I thought the future has arrived.


What a great idea. My wallet is now gone.


My phone has a case that stores 3 cards, my Credit, Eftpos and drivers license.


I loaded all my loyalty cards onto the app, I chose Stocard, but there are others.


My life was now so much better, gone were all those cards, but watch out.


My first opportunity to use this was at Caltex, to use my AA Smartfuel card, BUT NO!


A lot of New Zealand businesses cannot scan your bar code off the phone, and Caltex cannot even type in your number. So I filled up my tank, went in to get my 6 cents off a litre and my story goes down hill from there. I did not get my discount.


I called BP who is the other petrol station chain where you can use the AA card and they can type in your number, so I will now be looking for BP's to buy my fuel.


I used it at Countdown with my One Card, no problems.


Remember to watch out, you may not get that discount you wanted from businesses with old technology.

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