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NewZealandAtoZ Finds A Good Discount Pharmacy That Saves You Money

After going to the doctor the other day and getting some creams, I found out that all prescriptions prices are not the same at all Pharmacies. You can save a lot of money by shopping around.

If you can, don’t just go to the pharmacy next to the doctor, make some phone calls (you may be lucky enough that the Pharmacy next to your doctor is the cheapest). I thought when the pharmacy told me that a prescription was “partly funded” or “not funded” the price was uniform at all pharmacies.




Here is one example. We went to our pharmacy next to the doctors, (we won’t name them as they are a good pharmacy, they just need to address their prices) we were told the prescription was “partly funded” and it was $14.50 for a tube of Fucicort Cream, ok that’s fine I thought, and paid the money. I then tried the Community Pharmacy in Linwood, Christchurch. The exact same tube was $9.00 that is a $5.50 saving. That is huge when you have to get 5 tubes over a short period.

The Community Pharmacy is normal Pharmacy which is next to a doctor.


Ann Tiller as the Pharmacist, it is not just online.


You must shop around in your area.


If you have any other great Pharmacies in your area please let us know.



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