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NewZealandAtoZ reviews; Ferrymead Heritage Park (Christchurch)

One of the staff had a family trip to the Ferrymead Historical Park in Christchurch. Here are their thoughts.


We had no real expectations, except to see some old stuff and have a relaxing afternoon.

At $20 per adult and under 5 s free, we thought the price was not too bad.

The electric tram ride in after you brought the ticket was a nice introduction.

At the drop off there is a main street set up with some historic shops, a small over-populated bouncy castle, a semi market and a few food stalls a bit further around (Brought a very small lamb souvlaki for $10, which was a bit expensive).

As you walk further you pass a couple of fire engines (You could not get on or in the fire engines just look at them) and the train station, where on certain days you can ride a steam train.

You keep going and pass an over grown little lake and onto the transport museum. There is one kids slide in the middle on a large bit of bumpy grass.

In other out buildings are model trains and aircraft buildings. 

We liked the little theatre, costume and other shops at the drop off but after that the place lost its way.

It does all look like a whole lot of well meaning volunteers with no funding are doing the best they can here.

There were not many people around so it was not stressful.  

The steam train was good, and the old vehicles were interesting. On our way out we visited the working radio station and saw a great collection of old radiograms.

Our kids wanted to get on the fire engines and have more interactive fun. They did have a lot of fun on the big pile of gravel that had been dropped off for a building project at the entrance.


The Ferrymead park could be a jewel in Canterbury.  It has not been helped by the recent earthquakes but it needs to have some money thrown at it and sort out what it wants to be.

It was alright for the price.

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