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New Zealand’s Famous Sporting Songs

This is list of fantastic NZ sporting songs that bring back great and average memories for many New Zealanders. 



Sailing away (1987 Americas Cup)



Football (Soccer) All Whites

Marching on to Spain (1982 World Cup)

One shot for Glory (2010 World Cup)



Olympics/Commonwealth Games

This is the Moment   (1990 Commonwealth Games)

Join together (1974 Commonwealth Games)




World in Union, Hayley Westenra (2011 Rugby World Cup)

Can You Hear Us, Neil Finn (1999 All Blacks song World Cup)  

Super Rugby Otago Highlanders Theme Song (1995)

Give it a Boot Robbie (1980's Robbie Deans)



Rugby League

Give Em a Taste of Kiwi (1980)



Horse Racing

Bonecrusher (1986)





Please let us know if you think we have missed any you think should be here.

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