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Sounds Air

Welcome to Sounds Air

Sounds Air is a locally owned and operated airline based at Picton Airport, in the heart of Marlborough, New Zealand. Sounds Air links the North and South Islands of New Zealand between Wellington, Picton and Kaikoura.

Wellington to Picton - Up to 8 return flights per day between Wellington and Picton. The flight time is just 25 minutes and is the fast and scenic way to cross Cook Strait.

Wellington to Kaikoura - 2 return flights per day between Wellington and Kaikoura. The flight time is just 45 minutes, compared to a day's drive and ferry trip from Wellington, and is a sensational way access all the attractions of Kaikoura.

Company Background

We have been operating for 18 years and have vast experience flying in and around the Marlborough Sounds, Cook Strait and Wellington. The company owners are Cliff Marchant, Steve Handyside and Andrew Crawford. Cliff lives on a remote farm property at Port Gore in the outer Marlborough Sounds. Cliff is a highly experienced pilot and has been flying for 35 years. As well as being a Director of Sounds Air, Cliff is a Boeing 747 Captain for Air New Zealand. Steve's other passion is cranes and his full time job is as a Director of New Zealand Crane Hire in Auckland. Andrew is Sounds Air's Managing Director and divides his time between Wellington, Kaikoura, Blenheim and Picton. It sounds a lot but it's easy when you fly Sounds Air.

The Fleet

Sounds Air operates four aircraft as follows:

Cessna Caravan
The Cessna Caravan is a late model turbo prop aircraft. It holds 13 passengers and has the capacity to hold large items of luggage, e.g., skis, water ski and surfboards. The Caravan is world renowned as a safe reliable aircraft. It offers a fast and comfortable flight, with full size airline style seating, it is high winged for maximum visibility, and all seats have great views. The Cessna Caravan is operated by instrument flight rules; this means we are able to fly in all weathers.

Gippsland Aeronautics Airvan
The new aircraft to our fleet (pictured above), the Airvan is a seven seat aircraft. It is also high winged for maximum visibility and is fitted with large windows to ensure every passengers can enjoy the panoramic views available on all our sectors. It is equipped with the latest GPS navigation equipment to ensure passenger safety at all times.

Cessna Stationair & Cessna Skyhawk
These are six seat and four seat aircraft respectively. They are the ideal plane for flying passengers and loads into the smaller airstrips in the Marlborough Sounds and for scenic flights. Both are high winged for maximum visibility and all seats are window seats.

The Pilots

Our pilots are highly experienced. All our pilots have a minimum 1000 flying hours and are comprehensively trained in operating their aircraft in all weather conditions. It is their desire to make your flight as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Airline Category

Our CAA airline category is PART 125.


Strives to be the preferred supplier of inter-island air transportation between the North and South Islands of New Zealand
An ability to provide passengers with reliable, low-cost transportation
To create a positive team environment among staff that rewards the achievement of high standards and excellent performance
To ensure all passengers and freight customers are treated to a high quality service
Lastly, exhibits the highest levels of air and ground operation safety at all times.

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