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Top Driver Frustrations in New Zealand

AA insurance just surveyed 3,550 drivers aged 18-65 to find out what New Zealanders found annoying on the roads.


Top Ten Driver Frustrations (Source: AA Insurance Drivers Frustration Index 2011)

1) Drivers who are not paying full attention to the road.

2) Drivers who are not courteous while changing lanes or merging.

3) Drivers who don’t indicate or continue to indicate after they need to.

4) Drivers who don’t dip their lights for oncoming traffic at night.

5) Drivers who increase their speed at a passing lane so you can't pass and/or slow down after the passing lane.

6) Drivers who don’t pull over to allow others to pass.

7) Drivers who turn corners from the wrong lanes.

8) Drivers who follow too closely.

9) Drivers who park very near an intersection and compromise visibility.

10) Drivers of cars who block intersections to get through a phase of lights.

If you are you are using New Zealand roads please pay attention and make sure you are not doing any of the things above.

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